A model city for a majority nonwhite future is in our own backyard

Twice Denis Law went looking for candidates to fill political positions in Renton, and both times he was persuaded by others to run himself. The first time was for city council, where he served one term; the second was for mayor, where he won three terms, the last two unopposed. Law probably could be a Daley-esque mayor-for-life, but he is building a new house in a decidedly nonurban part of Skagit Valley and will not seek re-election.

Renton will miss him.

If an entire city can be woke, then Renton might be the wokest. Law hasn’t just been the face (of color) of this city for 12 years, his administration has remade Renton’s public sector to be more accessible and answerable to a changed citizenry. It won a national award in 2014 for diversity from the National League of Cities and the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials, and is an in-demand adviser on inclusion to individual cities across the country and organizations such as the Association of Washington Cities and U.S. Conference of Mayors.

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