If elected, I will work to implement the VAN Plan – to build a healthy, safe, and inclusive King County District 9 where working families, rural and suburban communities, and small businesses thrive.

The top issues facing the district and my top priorities to address them include:

On the Renton City Council, I’ve been working to forge regional collaborations to take on homelessness, and have a proven record of working urgently and compassionately to move people off the streets and into secure housing with services. On the County Council, I’ll further those efforts, partnering with cities to make real progress. However, just this year, our current representative abandoned his role on the King County Regional Homelessness Authority – as the crisis continues to get worse. I’ll bring a new approach as a problem-solver engaged and committed to evidence-based solutions and real progress – everyone in our community deserves better.

I understand the value of hard work – having worked multiple jobs through high school and college as a janitor and grocery clerk, and today as a small business owner – and believe everyone should be able to succeed in our local economy. I’ll work to create new jobs, support small businesses, and give working families the resources they need to thrive. And I’ll draw on my experience on the board of Renton Technical College Foundation to promote apprenticeships and workforce development programs.

While my opponent was the only member of the County Council to oppose hazard pay for frontline workers, under my leadership, we’ll follow the VAN Plan to deliver an equitable COVID recovery for those most in need, creating new economic opportunities for students and young adults, immigrants and communities of color, and everyone who calls this region home.

We need effective public safety that ensures every neighbor feels both secure and welcome in our communities. Let’s take on gun violence through commonsense and community-based solutions, and provide real support and resources to victims and survivors of abuse.

As the County Council takes a more active role in setting the direction of the sheriff’s office, we have a critical opportunity to set a new standard for accountability and transparency. I’ll build on my Renton record of delivering community-informed public safety solutions – advocating for body cameras on every officer, greater civilian oversight of the department, and utilization of alternative emergency responses by social workers and first responders when the police aren’t an appropriate response.

The proposed Cedar River Asphalt Plant has disastrous potential to wreak irreversible damage onto our communities, environment, and the future of our region. I’ve been vocal about my opposition to the plant, meeting directly with those who oppose it. Meanwhile, our current County Councilmember claims he doesn’t support the plant, but his voting record tells a different story – his support allowed the plant to move forward. We need engaged leadership who listens to our communities, challenges bad ideas from the start, and doesn’t procrastinate to act before it’s too late.

Last fall, at a time of profound reckoning, when so many were engaging in deep reflection about race, inequality, and the legacy of systemic racism in our country, Councilmember Dunn was the lone member of the County Council to vote against naming racism a public health crisis. We need a representative who recognizes the significance of this issue and is committed to acting boldly to address racism and fight for equity in our region.

I believe I am better able to represent our diverse community and be a strong advocate for inclusion and opportunity for all. I would be the first woman of color on the County Council in 40 years, and bring that lived experience and the perspective of an immigration attorney, so I understand the urgency we face, bring a lived perspective, and am a skilled listener and advocate. If I am elected, I serve as a strong voice for inclusion, equity, and welcoming communities.

As I’ve done in Renton, I’ll work to expand access to affordable housing and homeownership, so everyone who works in our region can afford to live here too. I’ll promote housing policies that drive affordability through thoughtful development around transit lines and urban villages, protecting our environment and creating connected communities with easily accessible jobs, services, and schools. I’ll support homeownership for those long left out, advocate for alternatives to property taxes, and strengthen efforts to keep seniors and low-income neighbors where they live – critical for preventing rising homelessness rates.

Growing up, access to bus service connected me with so many opportunities – from jobs and work to education, sports, and leisure. But our district isn’t getting our fair share of investments in transit and transportation, and as a result, we see more traffic – and less access to opportunity. I’ll champion restoration of transit service and expansion of service hours and routes; increase funding for pedestrian, cyclist, and transit infrastructure; and ensure all residents can get around our district with ease.

King County has an integral role to play in efforts to defeat climate change and ensure clean air, clean water, and healthy communities. We can create new jobs and preserve our environment at the same time by getting to 100% clean electricity, updating building codes to build clean, energy-efficient buildings, and investing in new transit and electric vehicle infrastructure. With a focus on environmental justice, let’s clean up pollution, equitably expand parks, and conserve our forests and waterways. I’m proud to be the only candidate endorsed by leading environmental groups like Washington Conservation Voters and 350 Action because of my commitment to this work.

As the mom of two kids, I know King County must serve as a strong partner with local school districts, helping provide support for students and families at home and as they return to in-person learning. I’ll work to ensure expanded childcare reaches the communities who need it the most, along with early learning and after school programs that set kids up for success. I’ll support dedicated outreach and resources for vulnerable kids and community and diversion programs that help kids stay on the right track. I will be a strong advocate for making the needed investments so every King County kid can thrive in and out of the classroom. 

We need a representative who will stand up for our entire region and bring all voices to the table to design policies that fit specific needs. I’ll work directly with our rural communities to protect and conserve agricultural land from pollution, waste, and sprawling development. I’ll advocate for economic development programs and dedicated support to unincorporated parts of the county, partnering to facilitate and drive local economic growth.