I have deep roots in Renton and care for all communities.

I am running for re-election because there is more work to do.

I want to build on my record of inclusive, pragmatic leadership to

  1. To make everyone of our neighborhoods safe.
  2. To make sure we do not forget our small mom & pop shops and support our workers.
  3. To have government transparency and fiscal responsibility.

And we do all of this through inclusion, equity, and belonging, and making sure we do not leave any of our impacted communities behind.

I have the right experience for Renton.

I show up,listen, and lead for ALL communities; including BIPOC, veterans, marginalized, seniors, youths, LGBQTIA, small businesses, immigrants and refugees, and those with learning differences.

I come to our Renton City Council with 25 years of combined professional work, as a janitor, courtesy clerk, tutor, legal assistant, interpreter, waitress, restaurant manager, and an attorney.

For 12 years and counting, I’ve handled complex matters ranging from injury law, to immigration, to criminal. Through my work, I re-united families separated by our immigration systems, worked with non-profits like OneAmerica, King County Legal Clinics, Northwest Immigrants Rights Project (NWIRP), and other non-profits, to counsel participants on US naturalization exams and our immigration system. I’ve helped local businesses and workers getting their work authorizations to gain employment promoting our local economy. I continue to advocate and counsel injured neighbors.

I care about our Renton Community and I give back to my community even more when I serve on the following boards:

  • VP of Development of Renton Technical College Foundation
  • Board Member of Renton Rotary
  • Kennydale PTA Board (where my child attends school)
  • New Horizon School Board Member (a non-profit school for kids with learning differences right here in Renton)
  • Vietnamese-American Community of Seattle, Sno-King Counties Board

Additionally I serve in these capacities:

  • A major and JAG member at United States Volunteer Services-Joint Services Command
  • Member of Washington Association of Justice
  • A pro bono attorney for Northwest Immigrants Rights Project 
  • Volunteer with Sustainable Renton
  • Volunteer with Save the Cedar River
  • Volunteer with Renton Downtown Partnership
  • Volunteer with The Seattle Stand Down and Wounded Warrior Project
  • Volunteer with Veterans for Foreign Wars VFW Post 1263
  • Volunteer with Renton Historical Society Board
  • As a daughter to my 81 year old mother, a mom of two small children, and a wife, I am blessed every day to have the opportunity to care for my family. However, I understand first hand the struggles of working moms and dads, caring for our little ones and seniors, and having a small business.


I was born in Vietnam, raised by a mom who believed that myself and my brothers and sisters, deserved a better life, free of violence and full of opportunity.

At age six, my family fled to refugee camps in the Philippines – finding little relief with barbed wire fences, barking dogs, and cruel guardsmen who were supposed to look after us, not terrorize us. Each week, we were given just two and a half pounds of rice and some canned foods to feed the entire family – we struggled and we subsisted – but not without hope.

Later, our prayers were answered – we moved to the United States through the sponsorship of a local King County church. Entering the United States every member of my family worked long hours across multiple jobs. From a young age, I helped support my family, from working as a classroom tutor to a part-time janitor, even after college graduation.

As I grew older, I served as my family’s go-to translator – helping them communicate in English, while at the same time I learned about the law, our systems of government, and so much more. I became the first in my family to attend and graduate college and law school; I’m a proud graduate of the University of Washington and University of Dayton School of Law.

The compassion and generosity of our church and community – coupled with my experience growing up – taught me important lessons about values, family and faith, and rooted me in humility, service, and hard work.

Today, I bring this perspective and drive to my work as an immigration attorney and Renton City Councilmember. As an attorney, I have received awards from prominent local organizations for my work and pro bono service, and have helped educational and charity efforts through Goodwill, OneAmerica, King County Legal Clinics, mental health programs, and local law associations.

As a Renton City Councilmember, I championed issues of inclusion and equity, drawing on my experience as a small business owner and immigrant. I’ve focused on an equitable COVID-19 recovery that puts vulnerable families, small businesses, and local needs first.

Volunteering with The Seattle Stand Down and Wounded Warrior Project, Veterans for Foreign Wars VFW Post 1263, I’ve helped support our community’s veterans, giving back to those who have sacrificed for our freedom and prosperity. I’m a major and JAG for our United States Volunteer Army – Joint Services Command, with the mission of Boots on Graves.

These are the priorities and experiences I bring to Renton City Council –  thoughtful, community-focused leadership committed to ensuring our community and city thrive. With your vote, I will bring this steady, inclusive and pragmatic leadership to the Council, centered on innovative public safety improvements and public safety for all, access to economic opportunity, and government transparency and fiscal responsibility, and support for seniors, veterans, and immigrants and refugees.

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