On Renton City Council, working with colleagues, and with the Community, I was able to accomplish the following:

I led in public safety for all by

  • Denounced Anti-Asian violence and hate; brought Governor Jay Inslee to Renton to stand in solidarity with our impacted communities, particularly our Asian American Pacific Islanders communities
  • Advocated and voted for the Downtown Patrol District Unit, hiring of law enforcement officers and building a bridge with law enforcement, residents, and businesses, and curving crimes
  • Advocated and voted for Equity Commission
  • Funded and hired police officers
  • Funded body cameras and mental health navigators. $1 million from the ARPA funds.
  • Gun safety
  • Advocated for testing of PFAS (forever chemical) in our water source
  • Denounced the SR 169 Asphalt Plant permit and advocated for our Cedar River, clean water for our communities
  • Supported our responders, fire and police

I led in affordability and economic recovery and growth for all by:

  • Advocated for home ownership programs like RISE (Racial Investment to Secure Equity) and $100,000 for home ownership and repair program
  • Supported tenants, small businesses, workers, seniors, veterans, and vulnerable communities by prioritizing $18 million dollars from American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for equity, housing, and human services (EHHS), and small businesses affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. $1.5 millions in counting allocated to EHHS and $600,000 to small businesses.

Kim-Khanh at Renton Pride event in the community with law enforcement officers.

Kim-Khanh at Fire Operations 101 Training with Renton Firefighters

I led in Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging for all by:

  • Advocated for a “hate free” term in our City Business Plan and funds allocation for education regarding hate crimes
  • Advocated for a City Business Plan that goes beyond performative acts, but seeking opportunities to equity and against institutional racism
  • Advocated for inclusion of veterans and their concerns
  • Advocated historic proclamations Irish Americans, Veterans; Historical Lunar New Year and AANHPI Month proclamations; and Mental Health Month Proclamation during the first winter of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Advocated for the City-art commissioned and Black Community leadership on Black Lives Matter Street Mural

I led to make government accessible to all and government transparency and fiscal responsibility:

  • Hosted Listening Sessions as Chair of Public Safety; to bring government to the people to listen to our community concerns
  • Attended townhalls to listen to community concerns, events invited by businesses, partners and community
  • Advocated for equity and equality in our programs, and asked questions of the City Administration when our residents do not have their concerns addressed nor voice heard.
  • Researched and did my homework on issues on our agenda bills and budgets, and engaged authentically with our residents and impacted communities on policies or legislations that council were to pass.

*Photos do not indicate an endorsement